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Refunds & Shipping Policy

Refund Policy:​

Due to the nature of digital distribution of active license codes, Instafixus LLC can not offer refunds or exchanges for products once delivered and activation/license key has been viewed. All licensing sales are final.
You may request a refund if you have not yet retrieved the activation/license key from our system. If you have already retrieved the activation/license key, NO REFUNDS will be granted. Please make sure the software works on your system before retrieving the activation/license key.


Instafixus LLC will issue a full refund to any customer who requests cancellation of service before any work or service has been done on the customer’s device.

Instafixus LLC will not issue a refund for any payments made for a previous month’s service as agreed upon with a monthly service plan, however Instafixus LLC may issue a full or partial refund, at its sole discretion, for the most recent month’s monthly service fees.

Instafixus LLC will issue a full refund for any services not performed as initially agreed upon, or if services were not able to be performed because of a lost connection or lost communication. However, Instafixus LLC will not issue a refund once services have been completed as initially agreed upon. Once work has been performed on your device, Instafixus LLC will, at its discretion, issue a full or partial refund only if the customer has not received service as agreed upon.

You agree that any requests for refund must be made with 5 calendar days from the date of initial service on your device. Within that 5 calendar day period, you have the right to inform Instafixus LLC of any issues that were not correctly addressed or resolved when work was performed on your device. If you do not make a claim of any additional issues within the 5 calendar day window, you the customer waive the right to additional service for issues that arise at a later date.

If you the customer do report an issue with 5 calendar days from the date of service,  Instafixus LLC agrees to either submit a full refund if any unresolved issues cannot be corrected.  Instafixus LLC will take all possible action to remedy the problem on your device. However, if  Instafixus LLC cannot resolve the issue for any reason, it reserves the right to cancel the service agreement and issue a refund for services not rendered.

You, the customer, agree that you will not attempt to obtain a refund once your issue has been fully resolved and you have signed the service completion agreement.

If You have any Question or Want to apply for a refund please fill the below contact form. We will get back to you in 24 hours.
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